Enduro Corner Reflection

I found myself standing at this amazing stemming rest (Translation: My feet were smeared on both sides of the wall on nubs big enough for my feet, allowing me to take my hands out of the crack and shake the juices back into them as I straightened-out my legs) on Sunday, November 22, 2015.  At one point, I looked between my legs and was overcome by what I saw. A familiar picture came immediately to mind; a picture which piqued my imagination from the moment I set eyes on it at a climbing gym in Reno.  One which always found me staring back at it wild wild curiosity.  The original black and white photo from the first ascent dared me to come forth and take this picture for myself.  Well, here it is.  This Valley dares those of us willing enough, to venture forth into the the realm of dreams and experience what our bodies are capable of.  I stood at this rest for a while, partly because my forearms were burning, and partly because I was frozen in the moment. Time stood still, it felt, and I began to wonder if any time truly has come to pass between the moments captured in the original photograph, and my own.


Climb on!


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