So Much, So Fast

I came to the Valley this season with a mission to push myself as hard as I can, and climb things that I never would have dreamed possible.  I also came here with the intention to write, and photograph, and document the whole experience on this blog in order to hopefully keep an up-to-date depiction of my life in Yosemite.  I mean, how hard could it be?  Climb during the week, then set aside one day to sit down and crank out a blog post.  Easy stuff, right?

Well, as anyone who has ever come to Yosemite knows, things move fast here (for the most part).  The climbing and things like that haven’t been difficult to do, since it’s why I came.  The photographing hasn’t been too difficult either, since it’s as easy as maintaining a charged camera battery and the wherewithal to take the thing out and capture a few moments that capture my eye.

The writing, on the other hand, has been something that has proven somewhat difficult to keep up with.  It’s hard for a guy like me to make time to sit and write things down, when the content and substance of what I want to write about is coming forth at an incredible rate.  It’s going to take me some time to sit down and properly document the stories that have come from this Yosemite season, but I can tell you that the adventures that have taken place will produce some interesting reading.

It’s also nice to give myself some time to sit back and reflect on it all before putting it out there for people to read.  Since these adventures have each changed my life in some way.

Climb on!


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