The Migration

And just like that, the summer we have all looked so fondly toward has come to pass and we have found ourselves at the onset of Autumn.  With the promise of the cold, nomads like myself are forced to continue our journey and seek the next place we find peace and happiness.  Just as some unknown and mysterious intuition tells migratory animals of the world to once again travel such incredible distances, I too must follow some internal voice and get moving.

I spent the past couple of days getting my truck reorganized and situated to a way that better suits me.  I buckled down and built a platform bed in the camper shell, with storage under the platform, and a box to hold more immediate things.  Both compartments have locks on them, and the bed does one hell of a job keeping me warm and cozy (tested it last night and the lows got in the 30’s!).  Now that my truck is packed and I have everything I need in its place, the only thing left to do is hit the road.  I will go South first, heading West when I get to Lee Vining.  My destination is, of course, Yosemite Valley.  After that, who knows.

The rig. The fantastic blue curtains are really what tie the whole thing together.
The interior. Note the super comfy bed and the lock box. It may not look it, but it’s rather nice back here.

I can’t begin to describe what my stint in South Lake Tahoe has done for my soul, but the people I’ve met and the adventures I’ve had with these people have taught me quite a bit about myself.  The friends I have made here in South Lake came at a perfect time, and I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and friendship; and for letting me crash on their couches every once in a while (you know who you are!).  We’ve already said our good-byes, and this by no means is it.  This is not the last you will see of Christian Cattell.  I will be back.

The crew assembling a slackline during am outrageous Tahoe sunset, one of countless during the course of Summer 2015.

And now, I commit myself to the Dirtbagdom!  I am curious and excited to learn what adventures await, and hope that you all enjoy reading these posts as they pop up from time to time (we’ll see how much time I’ll have to sit down and crank these out).  Cheers, everyone!  Climb on!


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