A Day at Donner Summit

Climbing has a way of bringing people together on a profound level. I wish there were a way for me to portray how much I appreciate each and every single person I am lucky enough to climb with. Every epic, every success, every milestone and every whip, there is someone on the other end of that rope, cheering you on, telling you to hurry up, stop bitching, and preventing you (hopefully) from smacking the Earth (totally joking).

A climbing partner is more than just a hunk of meat at the soft end of the rope acting as a counter-balance, they are an equal member of the team, and the interaction between both partners dictates success and failure. Always. So choose wisely.

With that being said, there are always those partners who never really go away. They were there when you first placed a crash pad under a boulder, put your shoes on, chalked up, and placed your dry hands and feet on the stone. The time between the present and that very moment has, so long as you continue to ride the wave, been a grand adventure, speckled with every adventure, every crag, every boulder, every moment of absolute terror, every crappy belay, every success, every failure, every piece placed, and every bolt clipped.

Ceasar Medina has been my climbing partner since he and I first came to Donner, almost six years ago. In fact, the very same boulder sits maybe 100 yards from this exact same location, right near the start of Jellyroll. Although it had been some time since we’d roped up, it was if this span of time was nonexistent has he took point and reminded himself of how easily and quickly fear and excitement enable us to do things that seem so improbable. Climb on, everyone! Enjoy each and every moment you get to spend with those who mean something to you, every single day.



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